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July 2020 - Surveys!
July 2020 - Surveys!
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To celebrate the birth of our home nation, Textline is releasing updated survey features and a new Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey, so that we can gauge how much you really love the US of A. Ok so we really did not time it for that, but it was a great coincidence.

Anyways, what got released you say? Well, let us start with the CSAT Survey.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

The CSAT survey is an industry-standard survey to help organizations gauge how well they are doing on interactions and how well the agent handled those interactions. At Textline, we built the survey to ask:

How was your recent conversation with Textline? 1 (Terrible) - 5 (Amazing)

How was your agent from Textline? 1 (Terrible) - 5 (Amazing)

Your contact will reply, and then you can look at the metrics for your whole organization, per department, and per agent.


Survey Sidebar

With CSAT surveys, they are meant to be sent once a conversation has been resolved, which you can do automatically using Automations, but there could be instances where you may want to send a survey before it is resolved (perhaps you have a manager that reviews all conversations and closes them) or you come back to a conversation at some point after it has been resolved and decide to send a survey then. In these instances, we have made it much easier by adding a Survey tab to your Contact Sidebar in the Conversation Dashboard. Here you can review the Contact's most recent survey responses as well as send a survey manually.


Survey Settings Changes

With the roll-out of CSAT as a new survey type, we had to update our Surveys setup a bit:

  • Add: Allow users to create more than one survey of each type (NPS and CSAT)

  • Add: Made it easier to select which survey you are looking at when you have more than one of that type

  • Update: Change the top toolbar from NPS Survey -> Survey

  • Update: Changed the NPS Metrics to match the new CSAT styling

  • Update: Changed the Send NPS Survey action in Automations is just Survey and it now shows a list of all surveys (NPS and CSAT)

We hope you like the CSAT survey and the other changes we made here. View more about the CSAT Survey here.

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