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May 2020 - API updates abound
May 2020 - API updates abound
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The rains of April and blooms of May bring API updates to Textline. This has been long in the making and we're excited to finally bring you some long-requested, expanded functionality. Textline's API is the basis for many things that our customers use daily, such as:

  • Automatically sending order updates

  • Sending contact info from filled out forms

  • Schedule follow-up messages after appointments or meetings

But with that, we know that there is more you can do, so today we're happy to bring you the following updates:


    • Previously with the API you could only send one-off messages to each Contact and needed to queue up messages to Contacts even if it was all the same message. On the website, you can do this using our Announcement messaging tool, so we wanted to bring the same functionality to the API.

    • You could always update a Contact using the API, but was limited to our default fields: name, tag, phone number, etc. We have now added functionality to update data for Custom Fields using the same API call (just add the custom field info to the contact's body).

    • To update a Contact with Custom Fields, you first need to know which fields exist and what their details are and you can't do that without getting their data from this newly created API endpoint.

    • Earlier this year we released functionality to create custom, advanced Address Book searches that you could save and reference later, so now you can find out what these searches are using the API. This is made more important with the new Announcement API as you need the Saved Search's details so that you can send an Announcement using the API to a saved search.

    • Earlier this year we released our Contact Consent feature for HIPAA and Pro plans which allows organizations to ask Contacts for their approval to communicate over SMS. This new API now allows organizations to trigger that request programmatically. A common use case we have had is sending the request whenever a patient is first logged into a doctor's office electronic medical record software. This would then allow for the doctor to send appointment follow up messages at will.

    • Many of our customers use workforce management tools or tools to check-in/out of work. You can now add Textline to the list of tools that can work with these suites by using this new API to make an Agent available or not (something important for notifications).

    • Previously Department info was only in the Organization endpoint, so we have split them out to their own call and included a few more pieces of information.

    • Previously Agent info was only in the Organization endpoint, so we have split them out to their own call and included a few more pieces of information.


    • This webhook allows organizations to now automatically record outbound messages in Textline. This was a popular update for those wanting to tie in Textline messages into their own systems which Textline did not have an integration with.

    • This webhook allows for recording when whispers are added to conversations to have a greater context of everything happening. Like the webhook above, this was an important addition for those looking to build custom integrations.

    • This is a webhook that allows organizations to be alerted to conversation changes. These changes include: open, claimed, transferred, and resolved.

    • Like the new Availability API call, this webhook is important for workforce management systems. It allows external tools to know when an agent became available or turned off availability.

We have been floored with all that you have been using our API for, so we can't wait to see what more you can bring! Let us know if you have any questions about the API or any other Textline functionality by texting us at +1 (415) 849-4349 or emailing [email protected].

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