Connecting to Textline through Talkdesk

To create a Textline account through Talkdesk:

  1. Log in to your Talkdesk account
  2. Head to Talkdesk’s AppConnect, search for Textline, and select Install
  3. Choose which plan you’d like to start with (note: all billing will be handled through Talkdesk)
  4. Select which Talkdesk users you’d like to give access to Textline
  5. Check the box to agree to app permissions & terms of service, then select Install
  6. Textline should now be available through your Talkdesk account in your My Apps menu - click the icon from there to head to Textline
  7. When Textline opens, select the area code you’d like your new Textline number to have
  8. Start texting! You can watch a quick overview video on using the system here, and be sure to check out our Help Center for additional information.


             A few notes on using Textline through Talkdesk:

      • You will always need to access Textline through your Talkdesk account, selecting the Textline menu from Talkdesk’s My Apps menu. You will not have separate login credentials for Textline.
      • We are currently not able to utilize your existing Talkdesk number for your Textline communications - although that’s something we hope to add as an option in the future! 
      • All billing will be managed through Talkdesk 
      • Phone numbers from Talkdesk will not sync into Textline, or vice versa. If you have an existing list of customer phone numbers and information, however, you can easily import that list into Textline. Find out more here!