Variable fields in Announcements

You can include Variable Fields to pull specific customer information into your Announcements.

To create an Announcement using variable fields, you'll need to use the "Upload a file" option for selecting your contacts - right now, you're not able to use variable fields for the other methods of selecting contacts (manually inputting, selecting from Address Book, or selecting a tag). Follow the steps below to complete the process.


  1. Create a CSV of the contacts to whom you'd like to send the Announcement. (Download the CSV template here)
  2. Make sure to take note of the column names - you will use the column name to create the variable field
  3. Log in to Textline and head to the Announcements section
  4. Title your Announcement (for internal use only)
  5. Write your Announcement message, and include your variable field as {{example_column_name}}  eg: if you're pulling the Name field, your variable field will be: {{Name}}D18_1.png
  6. Select the Upload a file option, and choose your CSVD18_2.png
  7. When your file has uploaded, click Send!



  • In the example above, we used the standard Textline CSV template. However, if there are variable fields that you need that do not exist in our template, you many create new columns with new column headers. You may use those as variable fields, but remember that your variable field names will need to match the column name exactly. 
    • Eg: if you just wanted to pull customers' first names, you could add a column with the heading first_name, and your variable field would be {{first_name}}


  • All Announcements must stay within 160 characters
    • The characters will be counted using the information that is pulled into the variable field
    • Eg: if the text of your Announcement is 155 characters and all the names pulled by your variable field are 5 letters or less, your Announcement will send with no problem
    • If a name exceeds 5 letters, and thus the 160 character limit, you will receive an error message
  • If contacts in your Announcement CSV do not exist in your Address Book yet, they will automatically be added during this process
  • If the contacts do exist in your Address Book and the CSV contains updated information in one of our standard fields (Name, Phone, Email, Notes, Tags), the existing contacts will be updated
    • If you've added column headers specifically for your Announcements, that information will not be added to the Contact Information