Why use multiple Departments

If you're on our Standard Plan or above, you can add multiple Departments (phone numbers or channels) to your Textline account!

Departments will enable you to keep separate queues of Conversation histories for each phone number. Agents in your organization can be assigned to one Department, some Departments, or all Departments. They will only be able to view and respond to Conversations in the Departments to which they're assigned.

You can toggle between the Departments you have access to using the dropdown arrow at the top of the Conversation List.

If you're on the Pro plan or above, you'll also have the option to select Unified Inbox from the dropdown menu. 

This will allow you to view the Conversation histories in all Departments to which you have access in one, centralized list. The Unified Inbox displays all of the same preview information as in your individual Department queues, as well as an indicator as to which Department the message is based in.

You can also view different Departments' metrics individually, or view the metrics for the account as a whole.

You might need multiple departments if:

  • Your business has multiple physical locations that each need their own line
    • eg: a pizza chain may have 3 different Departments - one for each location
  • Your business has multiple internal divisions that each need their own line
    • eg: Sales and Customer Support might need to maintain separate queues of customers
  • Your organization's members need different phone lines
    • eg: different salespeople do not share clients, and need private lines

To read more about what Departments are and how to add them, click here.

To read more about Smart SMS, a special type of department that allows for a grouping of phone numbers, click here.

Watch a tutorial on Departments here.

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