Zapier integration

When Textline and Zapier have been connected, you can create Zaps based on several different triggers and actions:


New Customer Message

This trigger gets called when a customer sends you a new message in Textline. It includes information about the customer and the message.

Example: When a new message is received in Textline, add message information to Google Sheets


Send message to Textline contact

The selected trigger will send a message to a Textline contact via your Textline account.

ExampleWhen the status of a Lead is changed in Salesforce, send a message to a Textline contact


Import message to Textline from contact

The selected trigger will import a message to a Textline conversation, appearing as though the Textline contact has sent the message to your Textline account.

ExampleWhen a contact fills out a Google Form, import information as customer message in Textline


Create or update Textline contact

The selected trigger will create a new contact or update an existing contact in your Textline Address Book.

ExampleNew spreadsheet row in Google sheets creates a new Textline contact

Integrating and using Zapier

To integrate with Zapier, first head to your Tools & Integrations section in Textline. Click the Zapier button, then select Join our Zapier Beta.


This will open Zapier. If you already have a Zapier account, select Log in & Accept Invite. If not, select Sign Up & Accept Invite.



If you’d like to create your first Zap now, Zapier will walk you through setting up an action triggered by a Textline message.



If you’d like to perform a Textline action triggered by a different app, or if you’re returning to your Zapier account at a later date to make a Zap, select the Make a Zap button found on your Zapier home screen.


Steps to create Zaps - and the possible actions that can result - will vary based on the apps you've chosen as trigger and action(s). You can add your preferred Apps through Zapier’s Explore section.


Find out more using Zapier with Gmail, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and Slack, and general information about creating Zaps here.