Situational Auto Responses - Greeting, Resolved, & Unavailable

For contact actions that will always require the same response from your team, you can set up optional Automated Responses to trigger in three different situations:

  • Greeting Auto Response: sent immediately to all contacts who text your organization. This applies both to contacts texting for the very first time, as well as contacts who text in again after you have marked a Conversation as Resolved.

Example: Thanks for contacting The Giant Pixel Corporation! Someone will be with you shortly.

  • Resolved Auto Response: sent to your contact when a Conversation is marked as resolved.

Example: I hope I've answered your questions fully. If not, feel free to write back!

  • Unavailable Auto Response: sent to your contact when there are no Agents online available to answer.

Example: Thanks for your message. Someone will get back to you during our business hours.

To add Situational Auto Responses, select the Bolt icon > Auto Responses, then the Edit icon next to the Auto Response you'd like to create and enable.


Then, add your response, as well as any attachments you'd like, and select Create (this button will change to Update, if you're editing an existing message). You can also delete an Auto Response from this page by selecting the red Delete Auto Response button.


Each Department can have their own Auto Responses.


Watch the tutorial video on Situational Auto Responses here.