Textline Glossary

If you’re new to Textline, here’s an overview of some of our frequently used terms to get you up to speed on the basics:



Colleagues or co-workers that you add as team members to your Textline account. Anyone that you add as an Agent can claim Conversations or have a Conversation transferred to them so that they can interact with the customer and resolve the inquiry.



Different phone numbers or communication channels within your organization. Depending on which pricing plan you’ve signed up for, you can start with between 1 and 5 Departments, but you can always purchase additional Departments to suit your company’s needs.

Eg: a pizza chain may have 3 different Departments - one for each location.



The communication between you and your contact.


Conversation List

The list of conversations between you and your contacts. You can filter this list to see everyone’s Conversations, only unresolved Conversations, or only your Conversations.


Message box

The field in which you type and send your messages to contacts or your Whispers to your team mates.



A pre-written template that can be inserted into the Message Box with the click of a button. Shortcuts save your team time on those frequently asked questions - instead of typing the same answer time and time again, insert a Shortcut! You can send it as-is, or edit it to personalize the message.



An internal note between you and your team mates. Whispers happen within existing Conversations, and appear in the thread under the name of the Agent who wrote them. Anyone in your organization can see Whispers on any Conversation.



An alert that your organization has received a new text message or that an Agent has transferred a Conversation to you. We currently support Notifications for mobile, desktop, and email.