Scheduled Auto Responses

Scheduled Automated Responses send immediate messages to contacts who text you within predetermined windows of time. You can include text, a link to a website, or even automatically attach a PDF in your auto response. This is particularly handy for off hours responses. 

To create a Scheduled Auto Response, select the Bolt icon > Auto Responsesthen select the New Auto Response button in the Scheduled Auto Responses section.


Type your Auto Response in the Message field.

Under Schedule, select your Time Zone.

Then, create your first time slot by entering a window of hours, and selecting the appropriate days of the week. If this Auto Response only needs one time slot, you're all set - click Create.


If you need to add another time slot in which this message will be sent, select the Add Time Slot button, and repeat the process in the new fields that appear. Click Create when you've added all the time slots in which this message should be sent.



If you'd like your Scheduled Auto Response to reflect business hours of 9:00am-5:00pm PT, Monday-Friday, you'd add three time slots to match those office hours - a weekday morning slot, a weekday evening slot, and an all-day weekend slot - per the image below:



Watch the tutorial video on Scheduled Auto Responses here.