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Sensitive Data Redaction
Sensitive Data Redaction
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Part of running a business is handling payments or getting identification data for customers, however, these can be sensitive pieces of data that should not be seen by all. Textline has a feature to handle this called Sensitive Data Redaction. This feature is in the data section of your security settings and will automatically blur out information that matches certain criteria when enabled. You can then allow certain members of your organization to view this redacted data.

When the feature is turned on, Textline will block out information that matches algorithms for:

  • Credit & debit card numbers

  • United States Social Security Numbers (SSN)

  • Canada Social Insurance Numbers (SIN)

For credit card numbers, we use the algorithm the banks use to create actual credit card numbers so that we won't blur just any 15 or 16-digit number. For SSN and SIN, we match the pattern, so anything that matches their respective patterns will be blurred.

The received info will be blurred out automatically, preventing any agents from seeing the info. This blur also prevents the information from going out through the API or to integrations.

We understand that sometimes this information should be seen, so by default, agents with the Admin role will temporarily be able to see this information. Those on the Pro plan can also set up custom roles to allow others, such as supervisors and managers, to temporarily see this information. To unblur the information, click on the "Show redacted information" link below or next to messages with redacted information.

We hope this article helps! If you have any questions, please reach out to Textline support at +1 (415) 849-4349 or [email protected]

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