Telecom is a highly regulated industry. Carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile are requiring registration with The Campaign Registry so they can prevent spam and fraudulent texting.

Listed below are all the costs associated with registering for The Campaign Registry. They also include the cost of sending and receiving messages on the carriers’ networks. Textline will notify customers as soon as we get any updates from carriers on additional expenses, and we will share these updates with you.

At Textline, our goal is to be your advocate and help you navigate the ever-changing rules, regulations, and costs of the telecom industry. For more information on The Campaign Registry and why you need to register, read this blog post.

When did these new costs go into effect?

New messaging costs started on May 1, 2021, for all existing and new Textline customers. All other new costs associated with The Campaign Registry will not go into effect until a future date. We will update Textline customers when we get future information on pricing.

Users on a Textline free trial will not be subject to these costs until they enter their payment information and become paying Textline customers.

How much are these costs?

Brand registration fee: $0

  • Textline will cover this cost for all accounts that have less than 50 phone numbers.

  • Accounts with more than 50 phone numbers may be subject to an additional brand registration fee; however, we will advocate waiving this fee on your behalf. Please contact Textline support or your customer success manager if you have more than 50 phone numbers.

$15 per month per campaign

  • Every phone number needs to be associated with a campaign, and multiple numbers with similar use cases can be part of the same campaign. For example, four unique support numbers can be part of the same campaign. However, a number for support and a number for sales will need separate campaigns.

  • Please reach out to Textline’s support or your customer success manager if you need to create more than 10 campaigns, so we can advise if there’s any potential way to consolidate campaigns and save you unnecessary fees.

  • If your campaign gets rejected, you won’t be paying a campaign fee, and we’ll work with you to re-register your campaign. Once your campaign is approved, the monthly campaign fee will be added to your bill.

  • If you own your Twilio number, you will not have to pay this fee as you will be paying it directly to Twilio.

$25 per month per unregistered phone number service fee

  • Every new phone number added to your Textline account has 14 days to register with a campaign before the unregistered phone number service fee starts. Once your unregistered phone number is registered with The Campaign Registry, the unregistered phone number service fee will be removed at the end of your most recent billing cycle.

  • Additionally, unregistered phone numbers are subject to carriers banning your number, blocking message deliverability, and fines of up to $10 per message sent.

US ONLY messaging costs

  • All US-based SMS messaging costs (outbound and inbound): $0.012 per message (previously $.009)

  • All US-based MMS messaging costs (outbound): $0.028 per message (previously $0.024)

  • All US-based MMS messaging costs (inbound): $0.022 per message (previously $0.012)

  • Please find more details on how SMS and MMS messages are defined.

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