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Signing up for Textline
Signing up for Textline
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Ready to start texting? Head to our Sign Up page!

Once you’ve entered your contact information, you will be asked to verify your identity by receiving and inputting a code sent to the mobile number you entered above. Once you have verified your identity, Textline will set you up with a Demo Department where you can text yourself and the verified numbers for other Agents in your organization.

Once you have your account, Textline will guide you through an optional user tutorial to instruct you on the basics of the app. You can exit it anytime and if you would like to revisit it, our support team can restart it for you. If you would like to message contacts in your trial, it’s required to fill out Compliance information before you can add a department with a real number.

Take a look at our different pricing plans here. During your two-week Free Trial, you are welcome to try any of the three options!

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