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Once you’ve entered your contact information, you can choose the number that you'd like to use with Textline:

1. You can request to get a new number through us - you'll be asked to select the area code you'd prefer for your new number. If there is a number available in that area code, the system will assign you your brand new Textline number, and you'll be ready to start texting right away!

2. You can request to text-enable an existing business landline or VoIP number - this process will trigger a phone call to the number you'd like to use, and have you input a verification code that we'll provide. Once that's complete, landlines are generally ready for use within 1-2 business hours. VoIP numbers require a few extra steps on your end before we can begin work on them.

3. You can set your account up with an existing Twilio number - just input your Twilio number and account information to use your Twilio line! This number will be ready to use right away as well.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you’ll always get your first choice of area code if you're requesting a new number through us. Some codes - such as 415, 310, 212, 303, or 602 - have been almost completely maxed out, which, sadly, we can’t control for you. If your area code of choice is full, you’ll be asked to select another - we recommend trying an overlay area code or an area code adjacent to yours. You can find your overlay area codes by clicking here.

Take a look at our different pricing plans here. During your two-week Free Trial, you are welcome to try any of the three options!

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