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My account isn’t letting me add Agents
My account isn’t letting me add Agents
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Each of our pricing tiers allows for a different number of Agents (team members) within your account. You can check out what’s included in each plan here.

To check which pricing plan you’re on and how many of your included Agents you’ve used, head to your Plan & Billing section by selecting the Gear Icon > Organization Settings > Plan & Billing. At the bottom of the page, you can see which pricing plan you have selected and your current usage. If you've reached your Agent limit, you will not be able to add additional Agents until you upgrade to the next tier plan.

If you do have Agents available to add and you’re trying to invite someone, make sure you’re in the Agents tab. You should see an Invite Agent button. If you see an Add Agents button, you are in an individual Department settings page, which allows you to give already invited Agents access to a Department rather than inviting them to join the account as a whole.

If your plan should be allowing you to invite more agents and you are on the correct screen but are still unable to invite anyone, please contact us at (415) 849-4349 or [email protected], and we’ll look into it.

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