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Zendesk Sell integration
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Zendesk Sell is a CRM that helps customers build meaningful and lasting relationships by consolidating their businesses' relationships with their leads and customers into a single tool. It also provides insight into the other areas of their business when using one of Zendesk's other industry leading business suite tools. By integrating Textline with Zendesk Sell, you ensure that your contacts and text messages are available in your company's core piece of software. With this integration we can:

  • Sync conversation data to notes attached to Contacts & Leads

  • Sync conversation data to Deals

Connecting the Integration

  1. From Textline, click the Settings tab > Tools & Integrations

  2. Click Zendesk Sell

  3. Click Connect

  4. A page to Zendesk Sell will open. If you are not already signed in, enter your credentials and log in. You may need to click the “Sign in with Zendesk” button if you created your Sell account after January 2020.

  5. Once logged in, click to approve and connect Zendesk Sell with Textline.

After connecting, the default experience is to log individual messages as notes connected to a Lead or Contact (more below). The full configuration options for sending conversation history to Sell are:

One Note per Message

This option allows you to have every message from Textline show up as an individual note in Sell. This helps for reporting efforts in Sell (# of outbound messages to close a deal, # of total messages per lead, etc) as well as just getting a general sense as to a Lead or Contact's message volume.

Note titles will be formatted to show the direction of the message:

New Textline message from Contact

New Textline message from Agent to Contact

The note will then contain the message body and any attachments in the note's comments/details section.

One Note per Conversation

This option allows you to have every Conversation from Textline show up as one note in Sell. This is an option to help reduce the noise created with the 1 Note per Message option above while still giving Sell users insight into the Lead or Contact's conversations in Textline.

Note titles will show the current state of the Conversation

Open Textline conversation in Department Name

Resolved Textline conversation in Department Name

Within the note, the messages that form the Conversation will appear in the comment/details section with the direction (inbound or outbound), who sent the message, and when. The timestamp for the message is in the UTC timezone. Sell limits how many characters can be in this section, so if the Conversation is too long, it will be truncated. All notes with this option will also contain a link to see the Conversation in Textline (in case it is truncated).

One Deal per Conversation

This option allows an organization to send Textline conversations to Sell as Deals. When a conversation is created in Textline, a deal will also be created in Sell for the relevant Sell Contact (Deals can only be associated with Contacts). Textline will then create a note for each message in the conversation and attach the note to the deal. The statuses for the deal will update as the Conversation proceeds so that you can keep track of what is new, working, or closed. Textline will also tag the deal with textline, so you can keep track of Textline-made deals. The description of the case will include the name of the Textline department where the conversation is being held.

Leads -> Contacts

When a conversation is initiated for a Textline Contact with no associated Sell data, Textline will search Sell for their phone number. If a Sell Lead or Contact is found to be associated with the phone number, then Textline will link with it. If no association is found, Textline will create a new Lead with the data, however, IF the integration is set to sync with deals, then we will create them as Contacts in Sell as only Contacts can be linked with Deals.


Textline also has a widget that you can install in Zendesk Sell. This widget will give you access to our top and deal sidebar widgets. This will allow you to open up to your Textline instance anywhere within Sell and exchange messages with your Contacts as they come in using the top bar widget.

If you have the integration configured to create Deals in Sell, then you will also have access to the side bar widget within them, which will then show the conversation that is linked to the deal being viewed.

To install the widget, head to our listing in the Zendesk Marketplace and click

install at the top right.

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