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Claiming your domain
Claiming your domain
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Claiming your email domain allows members from your organization to sign up for your main Textline account, regardless of whether you have explicitly invited them. Provided they sign up with an email domain that matches the domain you’ve claimed, you can choose to have them automatically added to your account, or require that an Admin in your organization approve them before they’re accepted.

To claim your domain, click on the Gear icon > Organization Settings. In the Company Domains field, enter your business email to verify the email and domain.

When you receive the verification email from Textline, click on the provided link to verify. Then, you can choose whether you’d like new Agents to automatically add themselves to your organization, or whether you’d like to approve them first. You can always edit this selection later.

Now, any Agent that signs up for Textline with an email domain matching the one you've claimed will either be added to your account immediately or queued for your approval. If you choose to approve them first, they will receive an email notification once they've been approved to let them know they can set up their account.

You can still invite Agents with domain claiming turned on; they will be automatically added to your account upon sign-up, regardless of whether you have the approval setting turned on.

PLEASE NOTE: If you exceed your plan's included Agent number, you will be charged for new Agents immediately if you select the Automatic option. You will be charged for Agents as soon as they've been approved if you select the Queue option.

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