Using Whispers
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Whispers are internal notes your organization can use to chat within individual Conversations. Whispers appear in the Conversation thread in yellow bubbles, as opposed to the contact-facing messages in blue bubbles.

To Whisper, click the Whisper icon (@) in your Message Box.

Then, you can type your message. Alternatively, you can just enter /whisper in the message box before typing your note.

The message box will turn yellow, and the Send button will become a Whisper button. Any agent will be able to see the Whisper and respond to it.

You can also mention agents and teams directly in the whisper box by typing an at symbol @ and then the agent's username or team name. You can select the agent by clicking on their name with the mouse or using the up and down arrows to highlight the agent and then hitting enter after it.

Whispers can also be created using Automation Actions. This allows you to automate whispering a team mate based on conditions like a contact's tags. You can also mention agents and teams in whispers sent by automations.

Watch the tutorial video on Using Whispers.

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