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Freshdesk is an industry leading ticketing tool and we are glad to help our customers sync their Textline conversations with the rest of their support workload. Our Freshdesk integration will create tickets in Freshdesk to match your Textline conversations. While you can not respond to the conversations within the actual ticket, you can also install the Textline app for Freshdesk to allow you to respond to conversations from the full widget or the ticket sidebar. Let's get started on getting it set up.

To Integrate

To add this integration, sign in to Textline and head to Settings > Tools & Integrations. Click the Freshdesk button, enter your Freshdesk subdomain, and then your Freshdesk API key. Here is Freshdesk's help page to assist in finding your API key. Once connected, you'll have a checkbox for an option regarding how Textline handles Freshdesk tickets. If you would like tickets in Freshdesk to be resolved when you resolve them in Textline, tick this box and click save.

Once integrated, new Textline conversations will create Freshdesk tickets. All Textline messages show up as internal notes in Freshdesk to not trigger messages to customers from Freshdesk. Contact names and numbers will also sync with Freshdesk when they create conversations.

Integration Options

Once connected, you will have a few configuration options:

  • Automatically mark a Freshdesk ticket as Solved when you Resolve the corresponding Textline Conversation.

  • Choose when to create a new ticket:

    • By default, when a Textline conversation is re-opened, we will try to update the existing ticket. However, this can only occur if the ticket is not closed. If the ticket is closed (edits cannot be made), Textline will create a new ticket. You can change this behavior though by telling Textline to always create a new ticket when the previous conversation has been resolved for the timing of your choosing.

Inside Freshdesk

If you would like to be able to interact with Textline within Freshdesk, then you'll need to get our app installed. Head to the Freshdesk Marketplace to find and install the Textline app. Once installed, you'll need to make sure you're logged into Textline, so make sure to log in to Textline in another tab before using Textline in Freshdesk. To see Textline in Freshdesk, you have two options:

Full Widget

The most prominent interaction within Freshdesk is a full Textline widget. To open the widget, load up your Freshdesk account and look for the Textline T on your toolbar to the left. Once opened, you'll have the full Textline experience within Freshdesk.


The other Textline experience in Freshdesk is the Textline Sidebar widget. This widget exists within the ticket view, so to access it, you will need to open a ticket in Freshdesk. Once in the ticket view, look to the right to see your ticket based apps and click to expand Textline - Business Texting. Once you've expanded it, you'll see the exact conversation that started the ticket and be able to scroll up to see the past history. You can even reply to the conversation from within the sidebar widget.

Integration Notes - Required Custom Fields

With Freshdesk, you can create custom fields for ticket information. Sometimes, these fields must be filled in before a ticket can be created. Textline cannot fill in these fields, so if you are doing this, Textline will not be able to create tickets through this integration. No fret though, Freshdesk has a feature to allow integrations like Textline to create tickets with these required fields. This setting is in Freshdesk located at the top right of the Ticket Fields setting page, which can be located at: Admin (gear icon in sidebar) -> General Settings -> Ticket Fields (make sure you are logged in as an admin to see this setting.)

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