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Archiving your contacts
Archiving your contacts
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To clean up your Address Book and Conversation List, use our Archive feature. This can be accessed in your Address Book.

First, navigate to your Address Book. Select the View button next to the contact you'd like to archive.

Once you've selected the contact you'd like to edit, select Actions > Archive. Your contact will be immediately archived.

You can also mass Archive Contacts by searching for them in your Address Book, selecting the desired Contacts, clicking on the Actions dropdown, and then clicking Archive. You can also do the reverse to un-Archive Contacts.

Archiving contacts will remove them from your main Address Book and hide any Conversations with them from the Conversation List. Contacts that have been archived will not receive any Announcements that are sent.

The contact will not be permanently deleted - it will still be visible by searching for Archived Contacts and you can Unarchive the contact at any time. If the contact messages you again, they will automatically be Unarchived.

Additionally, blocking a contact doesn’t prevent your organization from receiving messages from the blocked contact. We hide those messages from the Conversation List (unless you search for them) and we don’t send notifications when they send a message.

Watch the tutorial video on Using the Address Book here.

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