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Textline’s Aircall integration allows you to use your current Aircall number for business texting.

To text enable your existing Aircall Number with Textline:

  1. Email your Aircall representative to initiate the process of text-enabling your Aircall number with Textline (cc [email protected] and your Textline representative on your email).

  2. Your Aircall representative will inform you when the number is ready to be added to Textline.

  3. When the number is ready, go to this URL > select Use Your Aircall Number.

NOTE: MMS is not available on text-enabled Aircall numbers. If you'd like MMS capability, you must use your own Twilio phone number and follow the steps below.

To text-enable your own Twilio phone numbers to text from Textline and call from Aircall:

  1. Add your existing Twilio number on Aircall using these instructions.

  2. When your Twilio number is configured on Aircall, go to your Textline account’s New Department > select Use your own Twilio Account.

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