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Help Scout Integration
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Integrating Textline with your Help Scout account allows all Textline Conversations to be tracked and accessed through your Help Scout mailbox.

To integrate your accounts, head to your Textline account. Click on Settings > Tools & Integrations. Select Help Scout.

Select Connect. This will open up a page to Help Scout to log in and authorize the integration.

If you have multiple Help Scout mailboxes, you can then select which mailbox you’d like your Textline Conversations routed to. Note: only Textline Admins can access and edit the Integrations.

Once the integration has been set up, all Textline Conversations will leave transcripts in your Help Scout mailbox. Though you cannot respond to Textline Conversations directly through Help Scout, it will provide you with a link to the correct Textline Conversation in the Textline Dashboard where you can reply.

A few additional notes on the integration:

Claimed/Assigned Conversations

If you have multiple Agents in both Textline and Help Scout, we will attempt to automatically assign claimed Textline tickets to the correct user in Help Scout based on the email address of the user. If the Conversations are Unclaimed in Textline, or we cannot match the email addresses, the Conversations will appear as Unassigned in Help Scout.

Resolving/Closing Conversations

When a Conversation is marked as Resolved in Textline, it will automatically be marked as Closed in Help Scout.

Multiple Textline Departments

Currently, the Help Scout integration is organization-wide. If you have multiple Departments in Textline, Conversations from all Departments will route to your selected Help Scout mailbox.

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