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Add the Textline Widget to your mobile site
Add the Textline Widget to your mobile site
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To make texting your company as easy as possible for your customers, try adding our Textline widget to your mobile site! The widget allows you to encourage your mobile users to reach out with questions or new sales inquiries with a simple button prompt.

To add the widget, adjust the necessary details in the code below and paste it into the bottom of your body tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
new Textline.Widget("+___YOUR TEXTLINE NUMBER___",
{background_color: "#011EFF"
,font_color: "#FFFFFF"
,text: "Text Us"
,prefill: "Hi Textline"

Code Details

There are five details you need to adjust within the embed code:

  1. Your Textline Number

  2. Button Background Color (use this html color picker)

  3. Font Color

  4. Text Label ("Text Us" works well!)

  5. OPTIONAL: add text to the prefill so that the contact's messaging app is prefilled with a message of your choice. Remove the line completely if you would not want a prefilled message.

Watch the tutorial video on Adding the Widget here.

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