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Announcement Duplication
Announcement Duplication
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A great feature for those sending the same Announcement time after time is the ability to duplicate Announcements. Duplicating an Announcement will allow you to find a previously created Announcement and copy its settings to a new Announcement. Here’s a step by step workflow to duplicate an Announcement

Duplicate Announcement

  1. Go to the Announcements section under Messaging Tools.

  2. Select the Department you used for your past Announcement.

  3. Find the Announcement you would like to duplicate. It most likely will be under Completed, but you can also duplicate scheduled, queued, and cancelled Announcements.

  4. When viewing the Announcement, look to the top right. You will see a link that says Duplicate. Click the link, and it will create your new Announcement with the same settings.

Manual Entry, Address Book, and Upload CSV Duplications

A note for those duplicating Announcements whose Contact list was selected by the Manual Entry, Address Book, or Upload CSV options: the Contact list will show a new tab for “Same as Previous.” This means we will use the exact same contact list as the Announcement from which you copied the settings. If you want to edit the list in any way, you will need to start from scratch.

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