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September 2019 - Address Book Update
September 2019 - Address Book Update
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Hi all!

Writing a quick update today as we're in the thick of some big, customer-driven updates. We're happy to announce a slew of Address Book updates that allow you to better manage your Contacts through actions. On the Address Book page, you can now select more than one Contact and perform the following actions:

  • Export their details

  • Edit their Tags

  • Block/Unblock

  • Unsubscribe

  • Archive/Unarchive

In that list, you'll also notice that we've added the ability for Agents to manually Unsubscribe a Contact. Previously only a Contact could Unsubscribe by texting a stop keyword. Now, Agents can manually Unsubscribe a contact if the Contact has asked to be removed in a different manner.

Finally, we have also updated how you can search for Contacts. Instead of searching for details, we have added two dropdown boxes to help you see contacts by their Status or Tag.

Here's an article about using the Address Book.

As noted, this is one of a slew of updates we're excited to bring you. More information as those updates come out!

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