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Using the Address Book
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All inbound and outbound messages to and from new phone numbers will create new entries in your Address Book. Click Address Book > Contacts at the top of your home dashboard to get to your Address Book.

From here, you can search for existing contacts in the search bar, filter to see unsubscribed contacts, bulk update contacts, and use the View button to update Contact Details for specific people. You can include a Name, Email, Photo, Tags, and other Notes in the Contact Details. If you're on Textline's Standard plan or above, you can create your own Custom Fields for contacts, so you can include whatever information is relevant for your company.

You can add individual contacts manually to your Address Book by clicking the blue New Contact button, or perform a mass import of an existing contact database using a CSV file, for which you can download the template here.

Watch the tutorial video on the Address Book here and Tagging Contacts here. GIF Tutorials on the Address Book's features can be found here.

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