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My Address Book upload isn’t working
My Address Book upload isn’t working
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If you’ve tried to upload a large list (1,000+ contacts) and don’t see all the contacts in your Address Book yet, hang tight. Large lists will take a bit longer to upload.

If your attempt to upload gives you an error message:

1) Make sure your file is in .csv format.

2) Make sure your column headings are correct: Name, Phone Number, Email, Tags, and any other fields you have set up in your Address Book.

If you’ve created custom Address Book fields, the column headers must match the fields you’re importing. You can download the standard Address Book template here.

Note: “Name” column should include the full name - we do not currently support separated First Name and Last Name fields.

3) Make sure all contacts have phone numbers associated with them. Our contacts are defined by their phone numbers, so contacts will not be created without one.

4) If your list is exceptionally long (10,000+ contacts), try breaking it into a few pieces and uploading them separately.

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