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July 2019 - Smart SMS
July 2019 - Smart SMS
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The summer is here, and while we are all feeling the heat, we decided to release a cool new addition to Textline, Smart SMS. Smart SMS is a new style of department that you can add to your Textline account that allows you to contact customers using more than one number. What this means is that you can set up a Smart SMS department with a group of numbers and then when you message contacts from that department, Textline will choose a number and link a contact to that number. Textline associates contacts with numbers in the Smart SMS department by using Geo Matching. Geo Matching looks at the numbers you have in your Smart SMS department and then matches contacts with a matching area code. This is a great addition for those looking to have phone numbers in different locations and have their contacts tied to those numbers.

Smart SMS also allows you to send announcements faster. By having more than one number in a department, you can increase the rate your announcements go out so they reach your contacts quicker.

You can read more on Smart SMS and its various features in our support document here and our blog post here.

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