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Restricted Use: Political Campaigning
Is Textline HIPAA compliant?
Does Textline have an affiliate program?
How do I contact Textline?
What is your privacy policy? Will Textline ever read our messages?
I don’t see a feature I want - how can I provide my feedback?
What is an overlayed area code?
Can I schedule messages to be sent at a later date?
I have Mobile Notifications set up on my cell phone. Do those count as outbound texts?
Do Textline Conversations forward to my phone?
Can we use a short code instead of a phone number?
Can we personalize mass messages / Announcements?
Is there a way to send mass text messages?
Can I delete a Contact or Conversation?
Does Textline allow for MMS (inline images)?
Can businesses outside of the US and Canada sign up for Textline?
Does Textline allow for international texts?
Why do I need a credit card to send a new message during the free trial?
Can I add a signature?
If a contact tries to call our Textline number, will it forward to our regular business line?
Can my company use multiple Textline phone numbers for different departments or locations?
Can we port an existing Google Voice number?
Does Textline comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?
Does Textline comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
Can I use a toll-free number?
Can we use our current business number for Textline?
Can I change my Textline number?
What phone number does a business use for text messaging?
SYSTEMS: How quickly do messages refresh?
Do you have an API?
Is the free trial restricted in any way?
How do I let my customers know they can text?
Do I get charged for messages that bounce?
How much does Textline cost?
PHONE NUMBERS: Can we port back to original provider?
Do you have an app?
PHONE NUMBERS: Can Textline tell if a text goes to a landline or phone with no texting?
PHONE NUMBERS: Can I use my cell phone number instead of the Textline number?
How can I stay up to date on Textline news and features?
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EXPORTS: Forwarding Conversations to email
June 2019 - Role restrictions
How can I publicize my Textline number?
EXPORTS: Can we export Contact or Conversation data?
Which VoIP services we can text-enable
July 2019 - Smart SMS
September 2019 - Address Book Update
November 2019 - Announcement Updates
January 2020 - Start the year off Fresh
February 2020 - Did someone say HIPAA?
March 2020 - Textline Gets Chrome'd Out
May 2020 - API updates abound
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September 2020 - Custom Surveys!
Why do I need to register my company and its phone numbers and how? A primer on SMS compliance, The Campaign Registry (TCR), and Toll-Free Number (TFN) Verification