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Does Textline allow for MMS (inline images)?
Does Textline allow for MMS (inline images)?
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Textline does allow you to send MMS on your toll-free number; however, you are NOT able to receive MMS / photo messages on your toll-free number. If you have an international number, you are able to send images that will show up as links to the recipient.

For US and Canada, our provider allows messages to be sent if the entire message (text + attached files) is under 5mb and one of our supported file types.

However, many major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint) are not able to receive messages that are over 1-1.2 MB, so we recommend trying to keeping your text + attached files under 1 MB to ensure delivery.

If a file that you send or receive is larger than the size limit, that file will convert to a link for you or your customer.

To send an image, you can select the Attachment icon to the left of the message box, and select the file for the image you'd like to send (you can also send PDFs this way).

You can also simply drag and drop your picture into the message box, and then click Send.


Please note that if you've text-enabled a toll-free number to use with Textline, that number will NOT be able to receive MMS.

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