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Can we port an existing Google Voice number?
Can we port an existing Google Voice number?
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Yes! To start that process:

  • Unlock your Google Voice number(s) by visiting Google Voice.

  • At the top right, click Settings

  • Go to the “Account” section.

  • Under the Google Voice number you wish to port out, click Unlock.

  • Email [email protected] or text (415) 849-4349 with a screenshot that shows the status of the number as “Unlocked”

We'll confirm with you once we've received this & let you know when we've started the process! Porting can take our provider about 2 weeks to complete.

Please note that porting any number will result in the loss of voice functionality on that number, as Textline does not have voice capabilities. However, you can always set up call forwarding to the voice line of your choice!

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