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Can I use a toll-free number?
Can I use a toll-free number?
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Yes! You can get new Toll-Free Numbers when creating a new department by selecting the Get a New Toll-Free Number option in the Create a New Department workflow.

Like local numbers, Toll-Free Numbers require that you have a completed AND approved compliance submission before you can start texting customers.

If you have an existing toll-free business line that you'd like to use, we can often text-enable or host SMS for that line, depending on the number and the carrier.

If your toll-free number is a landline, please proceed with the steps at the bottom of this article. If your toll-free number is a VoIP line, you’ll need to contact your current carrier to have them relinquish control of the SMS functionality by removing the SPID from your number. When they have confirmed that the SPID has been removed, proceed with the steps below to start the text-enablement process.

Toll free numbers can take some time, often 2-4 weeks, to complete text-enabling or hosting.

To text-enable or have Textline host SMS for your toll-free number:

1) Sign In in to your Textline account. If you do not have one yet, sign up for a free trial to proceed.

2) Head to our phone number verification page by clicking here.

3) Enter the phone number you'd like to use and click Start Verification. This will trigger a phone call to that number, and will provide you with a verification code.

4) Answer the call and enter the verification code provided.

6) Don’t navigate away from the screen - when the verification has registered successfully, you will see a notification.

7) We will be emailing you a Letter of Authorization to complete immediately following the successful verification. This will be sent to the email address that you have on file for Textline. Please fill out, sign, and submit the LOA.

8) If you’re attempting this process with a VoIP number that has not had the SPID removed yet, we’ll reach out to let you know. For the easiest process, have your provider remove the SPID before beginning, as we aren't able to process a number until the SPID has been released by your current provider.

Once we have the LOA and have sent it to our provider, it will take our provider 2-4 weeks to complete the process. We will notify you when the text-enabling, hosting, or porting is complete, and will confirm that you're ready for us to swap your toll-free number into your Textline account on your behalf.

All other account information that has accrued during your time on Textline until that point (Conversations, contacts, Agents, metrics, etc.) will remain, even after the new number has been swapped in.

Please note that we are not able to support MMS for toll-free numbers that are hosted with Textline.

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