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Is there a way to send mass text messages?
Is there a way to send mass text messages?
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Yes, as long as they are not for political purposes!

Our Announcements feature allows you to send one message to a group of contacts, instead of texting each contact individually. Click here for more information on using Announcements.

It is important to remember that sending mass messages over SMS is highly regulated, and there are legal restrictions around sending text messages for marketing purposes - like only messaging between the hours of 8:00am to 9:00pm. Contacts will also always need to “opt in” before these texts can be sent. As a result of these regulations, Textline requires businesses wanting to use Textline for marketing to use our Pro consent feature.

It is also possible to use a short code with Textline. You can read a little more about how to do that here.

Watch the video tutorial on Using Announcements here.

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