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May 2019 - Variables Galore!
May 2019 - Variables Galore!
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We're adding more time-saving updates to Textline! This time it's upgrading and expanding our Variables feature. Previously, you could use variables in Announcements to allow for dynamic content to be inserted relevant to your contacts. This either came from your Address Book or an uploaded CSV file. Now we are upgrading that experience so you can send Announcements using information from your Textline account! This includes agent, department, and time/date information.

Once we added more Variables, we decided to add Variables to your Shortcuts! You can now add Variables to your Shortcuts so that you don't have to have the same Shortcut 10 times for each of your Agents, simply add a variable for the current Agent or the assigned Agent. We've also added the Contact variables here so you can add in personal information pertinent to the specific contact, and, just like Announcements, custom Address Book fields are supported as well!


Finally, as we expand our Variable functionality, we recognize that there may be times when the variable lacks any information, so now we include Fallback support in Variables. This means that when you use a Variable in a Shortcut or an Announcement and that Contact doesn't have information for that variable, you can set up the Variable to have a Fallback value. This Fallback can be another Variable or a string of text, and you can have more than one Fallback!


Full documentation on Variables and Fallbacks can be read here. We hope you enjoy them!

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