Yes, we can forward voice calls to your existing phone number. Click Settings > Organization Settings, make sure you're in the General tab and click the View button next to the Department you'd like to forward calls for.

Then, enter your existing number into the Forward Calls To field. Remember to click Save Changes when you’re finished! Now, if someone calls your Textline number, it will direct to the phone number on file.

Please note that if you have multiple Departments, you will need to enter an individual Department's settings to set the forwarding number. You can edit a Department's settings by navigating to Settings > Organization Settings > Departments, then selecting the View button next to the Department you'll be updating.

If you do not set a forwarding number, a default voice greeting will play when someone tries to call your Textline number, alerting them that it does not accept voice calls and that they should text you.

Watch the tutorial video on Forwarding Calls here.

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