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Super Admin is a feature intended for users who have a need to manage multiple Textline organizations. This is a common need for franchises to simplify accounting, companies with many locations and separate Textline accounts to have a central command center, IT service providers to secure their clients, and even consultants to oversee the companies they advise. This will simplify accounting, administration, and setup for these large companies.

This feature is being developed and rolled out piece by piece, so as you use it, please let our team know how you use it and where it can simplify your workflow. To begin with, Super Admin is helping simplify multi-organization billing.


This feature helps companies that want to oversee or control the billing for their numerous Textline organizations. Companies often want to know what and how much is being spent. By enrolling your various Textline organizations into Super Admin, users will be able to see all of the various Textline receipts in one portal. This allows the organizations to still maintain control over their bills and set their own payment preferences, while those with access to Super Admin to see what those bills are within the Payment History tab. They can click on the receipts to see the breakdown and even download them individually.

Billing Settings

By default, all organizations in a Super Admin account are set to have individualized billing. This means they maintain control of their payment settings just like it was before enrolling in Super Admin, but their receipts will then appear in the Super Admin account.

Sometimes having all of the receipts in one location is not enough and users would like for them to all be billed to the same source. Within Super Admin, a user can enable Centralized Billing to have all of the Textline organizations that are a part of their Super Admin set up to be billed to the same source. This means that if they want everything to be billed to a single credit card, they may, or if they have chosen to pay via ACH or invoice, then that can be configured as well. One note about centralized billing is that the individual accounts will maintain their original billing dates. This means if you have 10 organizations in your Super Admin setup with Centralized Billing on to a credit card, you will see 10 credit card charges throughout the month (associated with each account's billing cycle).

Enrolling in and adding others to Super Admin

To have Super Admin added to your account, please email our support team at [email protected] . The team will verify your identity and then get you set up.

To enroll other organizations in your Super Admin account, users in those organizations with the ability to update billing info (usually those with the Admin role) will need to make the request to [email protected] . They should include the email address associated with your Super Admin agent and give permission to our team to add their organization to your Super Admin account.

You can see a list of all of the Textline organizations in your Super Admin account and information related to them, including the departments and agents within each organization.

You can even create new organizations from within your account that will be auto-enrolled in Super Admin. This will help users spin up new orgs.

Super Admin Management

Once in a Super Admin account, you can add others to it. For a user to gain access to your Super Admin account, they must already be an agent within one of the organizations attached to your Super User account. Once added, they will be able to log in and have the same functionality as you do, so be careful with whom you add to your account.

Future Functionality

As mentioned above, Super Admin is a feature that is under development with more functionality to come. We would love to hear how you are using the feature and what can be done to further enhance your usage of Super Admin. Let us know what you would like to see at [email protected]

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