Scheduled Announcements

In Textline, you can schedule an Announcement (a text message to multiple customers at once) to go out at a specific date and time in the future.

Creating a Scheduled Announcement

To schedule an Announcement, head to your Announcements section by clicking Messaging Tools > Announcements

If you only have one Department (phone number or channel), select the New Announcement button. If you have multiple Departments, click the View button for the Department you’d like the Announcement to come from, then click New Announcement.

You will follow the normal Announcement creation process as outlined in the Using Announcements document, however in Step 4 you will now need to click on Send Later.

This will open your scheduling tool, where you can choose the date and time you’d like the Announcement to go out.


When you’re ready, click Preview. In the Preview screen, you can review your Announcement setup.  If you would like to edit the message, click the edit button to the right of the title.  If you would like to change the date for your scheduled Announcement, click on the edit button to the right of the date.


Canceling a Scheduled Announcement

Once you have scheduled your Announcement, you can always come back to it by returning to the Announcement list in Messaging Tools->Announcements->Your Department and clicking the tab for Upcoming.


By clicking view to the right of your scheduled Announcement, you can see the details of your Announcement and cancel it by clicking the red Cancel button to the top right.


Restoring a Cancelled Announcement

If you cancelled a scheduled Announcement and would like to restore it, head back to your Announcements and this time open the Cancelled tab.


From here, find your Announcement, click View to the right of it, and then click on the restore button at the top right of the Announcement.  It will restore your scheduled Announcement with the same settings as before. If you restore a scheduled Announcement that was initially scheduled in the past, it will send immediately.  If you would like to edit the details, you should duplicate the Announcement, edit the details, and re-schedule it.