Talkdesk integration

Installing Textline in App Connect 

Textline’s Talkdesk integration allows you to add a texting functionality to your Talkdesk account. You can login to your Textline account through Talkdesk as well as manage your billing as well as users all from your Talkdesk account.

Go to “Apps” in your Talkdesk account and search for Textline and follow the prompts to install the Textline app. 


  1. Pick between Paid & Trial
  2. Select Users to give access to
  3. Authorize

Video Screencast for installing the app

Talkdesk Help Center Article

Adding Users in Textline

Video Screencast for adding users

  1. Click 'My Apps' and select the gear icon to open the app settings 
  2. Select the 'Users' from the left navigation bar
  3. Add users to the Textline App