Using Shortcuts

If you find yourself repeatedly answering the same questions from contacts, you can create your own pre-written answer templates - or Shortcuts - to save your team some time. You can create as many Shortcuts as you'd like on all plans.

To manage your Shortcuts, click the Bolt icon > Shortcuts.                          



Then, select who should have access to the Shortcut. You can choose to have your Shortcuts available to:

  • Entire account: all Agents in all Departments have access
  • Private to me: only you can view, use, and edit 
  • Specific departments: only Agents with access to the Department can view & use 

Click Manage next to the appropriate party. 



From here, you can either create a new shortcut or edit existing shortcuts


To create a new one, select the blue New Shortcut button in the upper righthand corner to create your Shortcut.

  • Title: used to name your Shortcut for internal purposes
  • Message: the body of your text must be under 320 characters
  • Attachments: you may add attachments to your Shortcut

Click Create when you're finished.



To edit or delete an existing shortcut, find your Shortcut in the list of existing templates, and select the Manage button next to the message you'd like to update.


To choose an existing Shortcut during a Conversation with a contact, select the Shortcuts button in the top right corner of your Conversation Dashboard, then click the Shortcut you’d like to use to enter it in the message box. You can also add a new Shortcut from this view.


NOTE: Clicking a Shortcut will overwrite any text that you already have in the message box, so if you'd like to edit the Shortcut text, remember to do so once it’s in the message box!


For example:

Shortcuts title: Location

Shortcuts message: We're located at 1234 Main St, Smallville, CA.


Watch the tutorial video on Adding & Using Shortcuts here