Metrics Dashboard Basics

Click on the Metrics (1) tab to access your Metrics Dashboard.

The Current Activity (2) tab provides a snapshot of your organization's current Conversation activity, as well as today's metrics. You can review individual Departments, if you have them, using the drop-down menu (3) at the top of the page.




On the Current Activity page, you'll find your metrics in a series of cards. Here's a breakdown of what the card shows:


  1. Today's value or the current value for the metric as of page load (depending on the metric)
  2. The value of the metric at the end of each day noted 
  3. The graph of the values in B


The Insights (4) tab allows a deep dive into the metrics you find most helpful, and can be be filtered by date range (5)...


...or by Agent or Department by clicking the filter icon (6).


You can select from different metrics (7) and export your data (8) if you'd like.



The Dispositions (9) tab provides metrics and overview of your company's dispositions. You can select between you various dispositions (10), filter by department or agent (11), and download the numbers to a CSV (12).



Click here to read more about understanding your organization's metrics.

Click here to see a definition off all metrics in Textline.


Watch the tutorial video on the Metrics Dashboard here.