Zendesk integration

A Zendesk integration will automatically push incoming Textline texts to your Zendesk ticket queue, as well as continuing to house them in your Textline Conversation List.

Our sidebar integration allows you to send and receive Textline messages through a sidebar app within your Zendesk Window. Textline messages will create and update Zendesk tickets, and you can use the sidebar to respond. Names and numbers for contacts you're messaging will sync with your existing Zendesk contacts with this integration.

Additionally, with this integration, you can customize certain actions like replying to messages directly in your Zendesk ticket or solving tickets in Zendesk that will also resolve the corresponding conversations in Textline. You can do this by setting up Zendesk triggers. You can find more on Zendesk triggers at the end of this article. 

To Integrate


To add these integrations, sign into Textline and head to Settings > Tools & Integrations. Click the Zendesk button, enter your Zendesk subdomain, and click connect. This will direct you to Zendesk where you will be asked to connect Textline with your Zendesk account (if you're not already logged in, you will need to input your Zendesk credentials first). After you approve the connection, you will be re-directed back to Textline and the integration is set up!

Once connected, you will have a few configuration options:

  • Choose to automatically assign tickets to the corresponding Zendesk user when a Textline Conversation is Claimed or Transferred.
  • Automatically mark a Zendesk ticket as Solved when you Resolve the corresponding Textline Conversation.
  • Have the Zendesk ticket set a status of Pending, whenever an agent sends an outbound message in Textline.

Then, sign into Zendesk and download the Textline app from the Zendesk Marketplace. You may need to reload your Zendesk window once this download is complete.

This will automatically turn on the top bar integration.

Sidebar Integration

You should now be able to respond to Textline tickets via the Textline sidebar, which will be visible when you've clicked into an individual Zendesk ticket. You may need to click the Apps button in the top right corner to slide the sidebar out.


Watch the tutorial video on Zendesk Integration here