Reviewing your Agents’ metrics

Select the Graph icon to access your Metrics Dashboard. Select the Current Activity tab for a snapshot of your team's current Conversation activity, as well as today's metrics. For a deeper dive, select the Insights tab.


Select the metric you'd like to review using the dropdown menu at the top of the page.


You can then select a particular date range, and use the filter icon to select specific Agents or Departments to review. 


Available Metrics

Active Conversations: number of Conversations with inbound or outbound messages 

Messages Sent: total number of outbound messages

Messages Received: number of individual messages received from contacts

Resolved Conversations: number of inquiries your team has marked as Resolved

New Contacts: number of contacts added to your Address Book

Time to Response (median): median response times for all responses that your team has sent

Time to First Response (median): median time to a first response; ie - how long it took your team to respond to the initial text messages from your contacts

Time to Resolve (median): median time between the contact's initial message and when the Conversation was marked as Resolved


Watch tutorial video on the Metrics Dashboard here