Reviewing your Agents’ metrics

Before diving into the metrics themselves, read more about the metrics dashboard here

Select the Graph icon to access your Metrics Dashboard. Select the Current Activity tab for a snapshot of your team's current Conversation activity, as well as today's metrics. For a deeper dive, select the Insights tab.


Select the metric you'd like to review using the dropdown menu at the top of the page.



You can then select a particular date range, and use the filter icon to select specific Agents or Departments to review. 



Available Metrics

Active Conversations: number of Conversations with inbound or outbound messages 

Messages Sent: total number of outbound messages

Messages Received: number of individual messages received from contacts

Resolved Conversations: number of inquiries your team has marked as Resolved

New Contacts: number of contacts added to your Address Book

Time to Response (median): median response times for all responses that your team has sent

Time to First Response (median): median time to a first response; ie - how long it took your team to respond to the initial text messages from your contacts

Time to Resolve (median): median time between the contact's initial message and when the Conversation was marked as Resolved


If you'd like to review the metrics for your Dispositions, learn how to do so by clicking here


Watch tutorial video on the Metrics Dashboard here