Zendesk Support: Resolve Trigger

In order to resolve a Textline conversation after solving the corresponding Zendesk ticket, you’ll need to add and update triggers in Zendesk. These changes will sync Textline and Zendesk resolutions so that if you were to solve a ticket in Zendesk, the corresponding conversation in Textline would be marked as resolved as well. This helps with not having to toggle between both platforms to perform this action.

We also have a help center article on how to set up a Zendesk trigger so that you can send Textline messages via the Zendesk UI.

Set Up

To begin creating this trigger, navigate to the Settings section in Zendesk.

  1. Just like in the send a text trigger:
  2. Click Submit
  3. Create a trigger via Business Rules (in the side menu). Under Business Rules, click Triggers. Then click Add Trigger.
  4. Name the trigger Resolve Textline Conversation.
  5. Under MEET ALL of the following conditions, click ADD Condition and set the following parameters:
    • Status changed to solved
    • Tag contain at least one of the following "textline"
  6. Select Notify Target for the Action with the target that was created in the first step Resolve Textline Conversation and the following JSON body:

    "access_token": "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN",

       "phone_number": "{{ticket.requester.phone}}",

       "zendesk_ticket_id": "{{ticket.id}}",

       "integrations": {"zendesk": {"trigger": false}},

       "creator": "{{current_user.email}}"

  7. Click Save
  8. You’re all set!

“YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN” can be found in your Textline account. To find your access token, go to your Textline account and go to your Tools and Integrations section: