Textline Webinars

Watch our free webinars and learn more about Textline and how to increase customer engagement. 

Textline Intro Webinar

Get a walkthrough on our main features on Textline and learn how you can you can make the most out of it with your team.
What's covered:
  • How to set up your Textline account
  • Working as a team in Textline
  • Getting the most out of SMS-based customer communication
  • An overview of Textline's many features

Textline for Proactive Communication Webinar

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Learn how to use proactive communication to better serve your customers and build long-lasting relationships.

What's covered:

  • The benefits of proactively communicating with customers in order to anticipate their needs and increase trust and loyalty. 
  • How other businesses like Bird, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, and Tuft & Needle are using Textline as a tool for proactive communication.
  • How to add texting to your customer support and sales workflows. 
  • A walkthrough of advanced Textline features.

Building a Customer Obsessed Culture with Customer Support 

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While it takes time to build a truly customer-obsessed culture, there are tools that can make it easier. Business text messaging is the perfect vehicle for gathering customer feedback and giving your customer experience a personal touch. Textline is specifically designed for companies that want to increase engagement through the communication channel that is the most convenient option for their customers.  

What's covered: 

  • Learn how Customer Support teams go about building a customer-obsessed culture

  • Form communication strategies using texting that help you build long-lasting customer relationships

  • Explore Textline features that enable you to engage with your customers