Address Book Actions Tutorials

There are many great and powerful things you can do with the Contacts in your Address Book.  Below, you’ll find a few animations and descriptions that will help illustrate a few things you can do to better manage your Contact list.

Add Tags


To mass add Tags to your contacts, find the contacts you want to Tag, check the boxes to the left of their name, click on the Actions menu to the top right of the list, click on Add or Remove Tags, type in the tag you want to add and press enter, and then click on Submit.  After submitting you will get a confirmation to add the tags and once you confirm, your tags will be queued up to add to your contacts.  If it is a large list, it may take some time, but if it is short, refresh the page and you will now see your contacts with the added tag.

Mass Archive


Archiving many contacts at once is as easy as checking the contacts you want, clicking Actions, clicking Archive, and confirming the action.

See Unreachable Contacts


The default view for Contacts in the Address Book is reachable, not archived contacts. To see Unreachable contacts, click on the dropdown for the Status box, select Unreachable, and click Search.