March 2020 - Textline Gets Chrome'd Out

Textline took its car to the shop to get Chrome'd out.  Ok so we don't have a company car, but if it did, we'd have Google Chrome logos everywhere for March.  That's right this month we release our Chrome Extension.


The Textline Chrome extension allows you to pull up a smaller version of Textline no matter which website you are on.  Looking for documentation to a support issue and the customer texts in?  No problem, open the extension to respond and quickly get back to reading without missing a beat.  Out browsing the web looking for new tile for your office bathrooms?  Text a link to your contractor.  See a new business opportunity and the company says to text them?  Perfect, use the extension.

You can get the extension on the Google Chrome web store here and can read more on our integration here.

We know there are many ways to use new Chrome extension and we'd love to hear how you're using it.  Let us know by texting us at +1 (415) 849-4349 or emailing