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Find yourself browsing other websites and wishing you could text your customers without leaving the page? Well, Textline has a Chrome Extension so you can do just that. With the extension you can pull up the Textline interface, compose your message, and go back to browsing in a few easy clicks. Here are the details about the Chrome Extension.


Before proceeding, ensure you are on the Standard or Pro plan, as the Chrome Extension is an integration and you need to at least be on the Standard plan to access integrations. To install the Textline Chrome Extension, head to the Chrome Web Store and search for Textline - Business Text Messaging or just follow this link. At the top right of the page, you will see a blue button that says Add to Chrome. Click the button and then click the Add Extension button in the Chrome popup.

Once installed, you are good to go! Head to the Usage section below to read more about signing in and functionality.


The Chrome Extension handles and feels much like our mobile app. Upon the first load, you will need to log into Textline. If you are already logged into Textline in this session, then the Chrome Extension will use the same cookies. If your browser clears cookies or you are using the Automatic Sign-Off feature, you will need to login to Textline (and the Chrome Extension) anytime those cookies are cleared or you are signed out.

Once signed in, you will see your Conversation List. Click on any Contact listed to be able to interact with their Conversation.

In the Conversation History view, you can message a Contact, whisper another Textline agent, add an attachment, or use a Shortcut, just like you would in the main Textline website. At the top right of the view, you will see the Actions button which allows you to claim, transfer, reopen, resolve, and see Contact details. At the top left of the view is the Messages arrow button which takes you back to the Conversation List view.

Back in the Conversation List view, click on the sandwich icon (the three stacked lines) to the top right to mark your status (important for notifications, more on that below), see organization settings, or view and send Announcements.


The size of the Textline Chrome Extension can be changed by going to options for the extension. The options page can be found by right-clicking on the extension icon in the toolbar and clicking on options.

You can also get to it by going to the details of the extension by going to Settings->More Tools->Extensions->Textline->Details->Extension Options.

Once in Options, you can change the size of the extension to small, medium, or large.


With the Chrome Extension, you will now be able to receive your Desktop Notifications without a tab open to Textline. When you set your status to available, your Chrome Extension will deliver your Notifications to Chrome as well as display a red bubble over the extension's icon when you have any that you have missed.


The Textline Chrome Extension can be fully managed through Chrome’s Extension page. The Chrome Extension page is located at Settings->More Tools->Extensions or going to the URL chrome://extensions / . From there, you can turn the Textline installation off and on by toggling the radio button or remove it by clicking on the Remove button. You can also uninstall the extension by heading back to the Chrome Web Store listing and clicking on the blue Remove from Chrome button.

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