HIPAA: Consent in preferred language

Textline has a field for Contacts in your Address Book called Preferred Language.  This field lets you, the Agent, know what language is the best for the Contact.  This field can be used to help sort Contacts into groups using Advanced and Saved Searches, but when it comes to HIPAA, Textline can also send their Contact Consent message in their preferred language.  Textline can only do this for a few languages (listed below) right now and if we do not have a translation for their preferred language, we will default to English.  If the Contact Consent is sent initially in English (or another language), you can change their preferred language and then manually re-send the Consent message in their new language.

Now that you better understand how Preferred Language interacts with the HIPAA Contact Consent feature, let us now dive into the languages that are set up and what the messages are in each.




Consent Message

Org name complies with HIPAA and wants to exchange text messages with you. Text messaging may not be fully secure. To consent, reply YES.


Great!  You will now be able to message Org name.  Reply STOP any time to remove consent and stop messages.


Spanish, Castilian


Consent Message

Org name cumple con HIPAA y desea intercambiar mensajes de texto con usted. Los mensajes de texto pueden no ser completamente seguro. Para consentir, responde Sí. 


¡Excelente! Ahora será capaz de mensaje con Org name. Responder STOP cualquier momento para eliminar los mensajes de consentimiento y de parada.


We hope this article helps!  If you would like to request Contact Consent in another language or if you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Textline support at +1 (415) 849-4349 or support@textline.com

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