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Messaging costs explained 
Messaging costs explained 
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Messaging costs are not included in your base costs and will fluctuate on each bill depending on your usage. This way you are only paying for the messages you send and receive each month.

Depending on the length and contents of a single SMS message, you can be charged for multiple messages (also known as segments). Some factors may include:

  • Exceeding 160 basic text characters in a single message

  • Using emojis or special characters in your SMS message

Read this article to learn more about how the telecom industry defines these terms and bills for them.

The message counts in your Insights tab do not reflect the text counts on your bill. The message counts in the insights tab is a tool to help you monitor user engagement and not to help you calculate your messaging costs. The number of messages in the Insights tab will not count the number of SMS segments reflected in your bill. The best way to monitor your messaging costs is to look at your upcoming bill under “Plan and Billing” and be mindful of the length and contents of your messages.

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