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Authentication Security Settings
Authentication Security Settings
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For organizations on the Pro plan, organization administrators will be able to configure a few settings related to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). These settings will help the organization administrators have security controls for their accounts. Each of these settings have a different control, so let us uncover what they do.

Require Multi-Factor Authentication

Starting June 12, 2024 - This setting will no longer exist as all Textline accounts will require Multi-Factor Authentication.

Selected Method of Delivery

This control allows organization administrators to allow or disallow certain means of delivery for your MFA one-time passcodes. This is because certain methods are more secure than others but also require other devices that an administrator may not want an agent to use. By default, all methods are enabled. When a method is disabled, an agent will not see it as an option when setting up MFA. If MFA is required, at least 1 method of delivery must be turned on.

Authentication Frequency

This control dictates how often an Agent must enter their one-time passcode. The default setting is to have it entered every login, but selecting a different time frame will allow for a device to be remembered and not be required to have the one-time passcode entered again until the timeframe has elapsed. This is a per-device feature, in that if an Agent logs in to one device, logging in on a second device will require the one-time passcode for that device.

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