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It's taking a long time to send/receive messages
It's taking a long time to send/receive messages
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Generally, the time between when a message is sent and when it’s received should be a matter of seconds or less. However, due to the variability in your recipients’ carriers, their current service coverage, etc., there can occasionally be longer delays. Usually, this is a one-off issue.

If you’re running into a latency of more than a minute between when a message is sent/received (either to or from your Textline account), here are a few things to try:

  • Log out of Textline, restart your browser, and log back in

  • If possible, try sending/receiving a few more messages to or from the number on which you saw the latency, to help determine whether it was a one-time lapse in service or a continuous issue

  • Try sending/receiving test messages to or from one or more different phone numbers, to help determine whether this is an issue with a single phone line or a larger issue

If you continue to see latency, please contact us with the following information, and we’ll look into it!

  • Your Textline phone number that’s experiencing the issue (if you’re not texting us through your account already)

  • The recipients’ phone number/s that are experiencing the lag

  • The text of at least one message that experienced the lag

  • The approximate time between when the message was sent/received (time stamps are handy for this)

  • If possible, screenshots of both your side of the conversation and the recipient's side of the conversation with time stamps from the delayed messages on both sides

You can reach us at (415) 849-4349 or [email protected]

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