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Send Form Submissions to Textline as Inbound Messages
Send Form Submissions to Textline as Inbound Messages
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95% of texts are read within 3 minutes and up to 50% of sales go to the business that follows up with a customer first. With Textline, your organization can instantly receive a text every time a customer submits a form on your site, and you can text them back right away. The information in the form can show up in Textline as a new text in your conversations list and will be visible only to your company. You can set this up via Zapier or by using our API.

Zapier Method

If the form is managed by a provider that supports Zapier you can create a Zap to send the form information to Textline as a text. This method doesn’t require technical expertise to set up. You can do that with Google Forms, Google Sheets, Unbounce, and many more apps.


API Method

You can use the Textline API to display information from form submissions in the Textline conversation history. To create a Whisper in Textline, use the API call documented here. If you'd like the information to display as if the contact sent you a text, you need to change the endpoint to: /api/new_customer_post.json and keep all other inputs the same as the API call shown above.

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